ignorantia juris non-excusat

ignorantia juris non-excusat

© Rahul Dutta | April 22, 2023


As we move into the second decade of the 21st century, we face excellent and challenging times. Climate change has become a global issue that connects countries, while the cost of warfare for territorial expansion is a concern as it goes against the spirit of globalisation. IP will be crucial in guiding humanity towards peace, progress, and development as we move towards the middle of the century.

Our reliance on technology is increasing day by day. Tangible products that incorporate technology and are protected by intellectual property (IP) are highly competitive. As challenges continue to arise, we need solutions that require research and development (R&D), which depend on funding. Investment in R&D is based on the expectation of a return on investment (ROI). In the early stages, ROI is planned through available options for monopolising the developed solutions in a tangible medium. The entire value chain adds value to the promise of creating, protecting, and enforcing IP monopolies. The gradual increase in the R&D budget shows a strong faith in the IP regime and intangible assets.

Words like “jobs” and “employment” are becoming obsolete and limited to restrictive growth and prosperity. True freedom is found in the pursuit of our dreams. Today’s youth are thinking, dreaming, and analysing the world to find opportunities for sustainable and thriving livelihoods. Startups are one such opportunity that provides hope for the future.

This Newsletter will explore how we tackle critical issues such as climate change and global warming through green energy, technological advancements in food, water, agriculture, medical challenges, and education for the global population. We aim to build a civilised human society governed by the rule of law.

We firmly believe hope is the crucial propellant driving the human race’s progress. Our goal is to play our part in enhancing this flame of hope, and we can only do it with your support and blessings.

The Published Editions Collection

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Edition 3: Patent Portfolio, A Wealth Generation Engine

Edition 4: Green Energy, the Future

Edition 5: IP for Justice: A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr (Part 1)

Edition 6: IP for Justice: A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr (Part 2)

Edition 7: IP for Justice: A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr (Part 3)

Edition 8: The IP Turbulence

Edition 9: Industrial Age to Knowledge-Economy

Edition 10: IP Infrastructure

Edition 11: IP in Arsenal: Part 1

Edition 12: IP in Arsenal: Part 2

Edition 13: IP in Arsenal: Part 3

Edition 14: IP in Arsenal: Part 4

Edition 15: The Rise of India

Edition 16: What is Wrong with Rights?: Part 1

Edition 17: What is Wrong with Rights: The Reign of Bullying! : Part 2